What Sauces Does Culver’s Have?

What Sauces Does Culver’s Have?

Culver’s Sauces: Have you thought about moving to Culver? I’m curious about the sauces they have. You should know this.

Culver has three different sauces. These are Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and Frank’s Redhot Buffalo Dipping Sauce.

They Also have seven condiments: horseradish, ketchup, mayonnaise, shrimp cocktail sauce, spicy brown mustard, tartar sauce, And yellow Mustard.

What Sauces Does Culver’s Have?

From there, they offer five dressings: Zesty Avocado, Honey Mustard Ranch, Ranch, Canes Country French, and Canes Blue Cheese Dressing.

Culver’s Menu With Prices is also most wonderful if you find perfect food.

Oh, and there are also two vinaigrettes: Ken’s Raspberry Vinaigrette And Culver’s Vinaigrette.

It Depends on what you order, of course.

But let’s talk about what each sauce tastes like so you know what To expect if you decide to order it!

What Are Culver’s Dressings Like?

What you can expect from each dressing is shown below:

Ranch Dressing: Ranch Dressing is a mixture of buttermilk and spices that is cool and creamy.

Ken’s Country French: Ken’s Country French has tastes of honey and sweet tomato.

Zesty Avocado Dressing: Zesty Avocado Dressing is made from buttermilk, avocado, lime juice, And seasonings. It is creamy And mild, but still has a lot of flavor.

Honey Mustard Dressing: Honey Mustard Dressing has a sweet and savory taste because it has honey, yellow mustard, lemon juice, And spices.

Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing: Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing is smooth and has big pieces of real blue cheese.

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How do Culver’s Sauces taste?

Here’s what you can expect from each sauce:

Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Dipping Sauce: Frank’s Redhot Buffalo Dipping Sauce is butter with a hint of heat. Made with Cayenne pepper, which gives it strong, rich flavors.

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce: Sweet Baby Rain’s BBQ Sauce is sweet and tangy with a smokey flavor.

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce: Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce is a smooth mix of sharp cheddar from Wisconsin and fresh dairy.

Culver’s Sauce Nutrition

Sauce Name Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce 130 10 3 410
Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Dipping Sauce 5 0 1 390
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce 110 0 28 450

Culver’s Condiment Nutrition

ondiment Name Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
Horseradish 60 6 2 90
Ketchup 15 0 4 130
Mayonnaise 200 22 0 110
Shrimp Cocktail Sauce 50 0 12 390
Spicy Brown Mustard 0 0 0 120
Tartar Sauce 360 39 3 340
Yellow Mustard 0 0 0 130

FAQs – Culver’s Sauces

Does Culvers have sweet and sour sauce?

Calories in Culvers Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

Does Culver’s have honey mustard sauce?

This dressing is a favorite because it is both sweet and savory. It has honey, yellow mustard, lemon juice, And spices.

Does Culvers Have Marinara Sauce?

Some Culver’s locations offer Marinara sauce, but not all of them do. It is an option that some restaurants choose to offer. So, depending on where you go, You will need To ask if you can get some.

Is Culvers cheese sauce real cheese?

sauce is made with real Wisconsin sharp cheddar that has been melted, and it is served hot.

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It goes well with a lot of our food, like our warm, buttery Wisconsin Cheese Curds, golden-brown Chili Cheddar Fries, and pillowy Pretzel Bites.

Does Culvers Have A Signature Sauce?

Culver’s does Have a special sauce, and it’s their Own cheese sauce. This is called Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce, And it is made from Wisconsin Cheddar and fresh dairy.

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