We Tried The Lowest Rated Sandwich At Culver’s. Here’s How It Went

We Tried The Lowest Rated Sandwich At Culver’s. Here’s How It Went

For its hearty, dairy-heavy meals, Culver’s is a Well-known regional fast food business that is a popular throughout the Midwest.

ButterBurgers are the chain’s signature item, and they are produced with fresh beef that is fried Smashburger-style to get gorgeous crispy edges. As the name implies, they are then served on buns that have been generously buttered.

Along with burgers, Culver’s offers a wide variety of ice custard combinations and the classic Midwestern state fair specialty, fried cheese curds.

Culver's Sandwich

This Restaurant doesn’t necessarily offer the finest options for people trying to lose weight or for those who cannot consume lactose, but it does offer some of the best classic comfort food dishes among fast food establishments.

Of Course, this does not imply that everything the restaurant offers is a hit. We polled Culver’s patrons to learn what they considered to be the restaurant’s worst offering.

With More than one-third of the voting, one item stood out as the clear winner: the Harvest Veggie Burger. This vegetarian choice received around twice as many votes as the runner-up.

We had to Visit our neighborhood Culver’s to try this despised meat-free choice for ourselves because we couldn’t rely on your word alone.

Is this vegetarian sandwich really as horrible as many claim, or is it the victim of smear campaigns? Find out what we thought by reading on.

Don’t underestimate the value of culver’s menu prices when searching for an affordable meal option.

How Does the Harvest Veggie Burger Taste?

Technology for veggie burgers has evolved significantly in recent years, with items like the Impossible Burger being able to pass for real meat to carnivores.

That kind of plant-based burger is not found in the Harvest Veggie Burger.

It is a product of a previous generation of vegetarian burgers, which focused more on creating tasty sandwiches made from vegetables rather than trying to imitate the taste of beef.

This vegetarian burger actually isn’t an awful illustration of that kind.

Culver's Sandwich

The majority of the ingredients contribute pleasing flavors and textures to the patty’s superb flavor.

The corn and peppers add chewiness and a tiny bit of sweetness, and the mushrooms and cheese add a distinct savoriness.

The patty contains visible pieces of vegetables all over it. Its texture is its primary shortcoming; as we took bites, it tended to want to escape out the back of the bun and was a little mushier than we would have liked.

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The ingredients are excellent, just like with every Culver’s sandwich.

The Tomato, lettuce, And onions all taste like they did when they were first picked. The bun is hot, soft, and fluffy, and anything tastes better with a little melted butter.

Culver’s Harvest Veggie Burger Overview

You are Sadly mistaken if you believe that by ordering this veggie burger, You can avoid dairy. It’s Culver’s that we’re referring to. According to the Culver’s Menu, the burger itself has cheese in addition to butter on the bun.

We’re a little surprised that the burger isn’t topped with a slice of cheese to complete the dairy triad, but we’re sure you could if you really wanted to.

Culver's Sandwich

The Patties also includes corn, peppers, mushrooms, And fire-roasted chickpeas in addition to authentic Wisconsin cheese. A Bed of lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickles, And mayonnaise serves as its foundation.

Our Harvest Veggie Burger cost $6.10, tax included. Comparatively, a single Cheese ButterBurger is $4.39 before tax. Prices in your location can be a little bit different.

However, you do receive a little bit more food for the additional cost because the Harvest Veggie Burger’s patty is a bit bigger than Culver’s beef patties.

Were the Survey Results Right?

This sandwich may be the poorest item on the Culver’s menu, but if it is, that speaks more to the restaurant’s general brilliance than to any specific flaws in this sandwich.

There’s a good reason why Eat This, Not That! rated this company as America’s top burger franchise in 2021: Its sides are excellent, as are its ButterBurgers.

Culver's Sandwich

Additionally, Culver’s frozen custard, shakes, and concretes could compete favorably with Dairy Queen at any time.

The Harvest Veggie Burger simply doesn’t seem to be able to compete with the rest of Culver’s Menu’s superior offerings. We still enjoyed eating it even though it wasn’t as good as a ButterBurger.

In Most Major fast food businesses, The Culver’s vegetarian burger wouldn’t even come close to being the worst item on the menu (we’re Looking at You, Burger King Chicken Nuggets).

We’d happily order this again if we pulled up to a Culver’s and weren’t in the mood for beef.

How Could it be Improved?

The fact that we defended this burger does not indicate that we don’t believe it could be improved. The Harvest Veggie Burger’s major flaw, as we already noted, is its texture.

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A paste that appears to be formed from ground chickpeas holds the tiny pieces of vegetables together. We don’t think a burger patty should be this soft.

Culver’s might focus on making the exterior of the patty crisper in order to enhance the texture. The one we consumed could have utilized a more intense sear despite having a light griddling on the outside.

Culver's Sandwich

It Probably would have been even better if it had been deep-fried for a while. Although Some people may believe that a vegetarian burger is a better alternative, deep-frying one could seem contradictory to that idea.

However, Since This particular burger already has 590 calories And 25 grams of fat, it doesn’t appear as though it would be all that lot worse for you.

Alternately, Culver’s might discontinue the Harvest Veggie Burger entirely and swap it out with an Impossible or Beyond Burger, but we genuinely believe the current idea has potential as long as the texture is rectified.

This is the Best item at Culver’s According to Our Survey

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich was the menu item that received the fewest votes in our survey of the worst of Culver’s.

Although Culver’s isn’t particularly recognized as a chicken chain, given the high caliber of everything it produces, it stands to reason that it would produce a delicious chicken sandwich.

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the franchise is a study in elegant simplicity. It is made with a real chicken breast that is breaded in seasoning, fried to perfection, and served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Culver's Sandwich

You may also choose a spicy version that includes four different types of peppers in the breading if that seems a little too basic for you.

Try ordering a double ButterBurger, simple, with a side of coleslaw and a Concrete Mixer for dessert if you want beef, Andrew Zimmern’s go-to Culver’s meal.

We’d wager that you can trust his Culver’s ordering intuition because the man has eaten innumerable specialties while traveling the globe.

How much does the average sandwich cost at Culver’s?

The average cost of a sandwich at Culver’s can vary depending on location and specific menu items, but generally falls in the range of $5 to $8.

Popular options like the ButterBurger or Grilled Chicken Sandwich typically sit in the middle of this range.

Factors affecting price include:

  • Sandwich size (single vs. double patty)
  • Special ingredients or toppings
  • Limited-time offerings
  • Regional price differences
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It’s worth noting that Culver’s often offers meal deals that include sides and a drink, which can provide better value compared to purchasing items separately.

Prices may have changed since my last update, so it’s best to check the current menu at your local Culver’s for the most accurate pricing.

Does Culver’s offer any limited-time sandwich specials?

Culver’s does offer limited-time sandwich specials throughout the year.

These seasonal or promotional items are often referred to as their “Flavor of the Day” sandwiches, though this term is more commonly associated with their frozen custard flavors.

Some examples of past limited-time sandwich offerings have included:

  • The Pretzel Haus Pub Burger
  • The Colby Jack Pub Burger
  • The Pepper Grinder Pub Burger
  • The Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich
  • The Harvest Veggie Burger

These special sandwiches typically feature unique ingredients or flavor combinations that aren’t part of the regular menu.

They’re usually available for a few weeks or months before being rotated out for new offerings.

To find out about current limited-time specials, it’s best to check Culver’s website, mobile app, or visit a local restaurant, as offerings can vary by location and time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What state has the most Culvers?

There are 930 Culver’s restaurants operating nationwide. With 146 sites, or about 16% of all Culver’s locations in the US, Wisconsin is the state with the most Culver’s restaurants.

What is Culver’s known for?

Culver’s is known for their butter burgers and frozen custard.

Why is Culver’s called ButterBurger?

Many people are unaware of the origin of the name “ButterBurger,” nevertheless. ButterBurgers are Called “ButterBurgers” Not because they have been baked, marinated, dipped, fried, Or drizzled with butter, but rather because lightly butter the crown of the bun to add an extra layer of delectability.

Is the Northwoods Walleye Sandwich worth trying?

The sandwich is unquestionably worthwhile to try, despite its poor rating.

What is the most unhealthy thing at Culvers?

The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe, Triple, is the worst.

Why does Culvers take so long?

Nothing is prepared before you order it, so you place your order at the counter, take a number to a seat, and wait for your food to be served.
In that, “We were a pioneer in that,” Culver told USA Today. “We wished to make it as requested. We Take Pride in being the slowest fast-food establishment in the world, as I like to refer to ourselves.

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